It is Time

It is time.  Time to move forward.  Time to reach out to loved ones.  Time to make that phone call.  Time to cancel out those regrets.  Time to not be held back by insignificance.  Time to cash in the chips, time to move beyond the grudges.  Life is short, sometimes too short, and this is not a dress rehearsal.  Losing a close friend is a painful reminder.  We have no idea how much time any of us have left here on earth, in this life.  Our patients are faced with this reality every day, in a non-theoretical way.  A heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, need for surgery.  Our human bodies are frail and they fail us.  Despite our best efforts, sometimes, we are not durable.  We cannot withstand everything we physically ask of ourselves.  But the mind is a powerful tool.  I have seen it over and over again, when bodies are failing, but minds are determined, there is healing.  Healing to an impressive degree.  Healing that occurs in spite of science.  Healing that is both spiritual and physical.  There is hope, when there is not.  There is strength when there is not.  We convince ourselves, and it is to be.  The day we give in, we give in.  Short of that, we are capable, we are ourselves, we are family, we are friends.  When we want to fight it, we fight it.  When we give up, it is over, it is physically and existentially over.  Our minds are not to be underestimated….protect them, empower them.

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